Hands-Free Travel through Charlotte with a Charter Bus

11Travel via charter bus in Charlotte, NC and enjoy a stress-free vacation in a beautiful part of the South.

A hub of business activity, rich with a blend of modern and Southern culture, host to the Carolina Panthers NFL Franchise, and home of the Nascar Hall of Fame and the Charlotte Motor Speedway, Charlotte, North Carolina, offers a range of activities and interesting sites which attract travelers from around the globe. When you have a large group planning to travel, ground transportation is a special consideration, and a charter bus through Charlotte, NC provides great transportation which doesn’t require much effort.

Travel should be as easy as possible. We offer online booking and accommodate short notice requests to make the process as simple as we can. To further facilitate the experience, customer service representatives remain available at all points in time to provide assistance throughout your travel. Our goal throughout your trip is to provide personalized service so that each client has an excellent experience.

The process part of transportation service isn’t the only thing that’s easy. The entire experience is easy, as it’s designed to be, from competent, courteous drivers to state of the line automobiles. When you use our service, you have no worries, just relaxation and enjoyment.

To make sure that our chauffeurs encapsulate each of the qualities that we need them to have, we vet each and every driver in our employ. Beginning with monitoring for substance abuse and verifying background via thorough checks, we weed out flawed employees and then vigorously train those who remain. Evaluations for our chauffeurs include more than driving skill; courtesy, knowledge of the area, and professional acumen are all considerations. Allow our professional drivers to do the work for you as you travel this summer.

The fleet held by our company encompasses traveling comfort and style. Onboard accommodations with charter bus service include seats which recline for optimal relaxation and areas reserved for cargo to ensure adequate space. Other options are available for any size or style that would better suit the needs of your group, but regardless of your choice, you can expect the best. Each member of the fleet is comprehensively insured, bonded, and licensed, which reflects the meticulous cleaning and performance evaluations we regularly perform.

As your group of friends plans a trip to Charlotte, check off transport early. Once you consider the benefits of traveling through Charlotte in a charter bus, you’ll quickly reserve your service to begin planning the other aspects of your hands-free adventure!